A Moment in Time

With eyes half closed I watch my lover stretch

Arms extended above her head, she transforms

Across the vast, endless heavens she did reach

no longer held by silken sheets or human forms

Like the Milky Way, arching across the night

her hair carried upon the cosmic winds

creating vibrant ribbons, translucent and bright

Diversity remains but separation mends

Expression of love I can barely fathom

Rays of light radiate as iridescent beams

Atoms coalesce and galaxies become

planetary bodies, held within her dreams

Could there be any greater grace?

As nebula’s reveal their glorious prize

The future home of every living race

being birthed in the depths of her eyes

I am consciousness, immortal darkness

The light and heat push against me

from the worlds created in her likeness

now adrift within my infinite sea

She illuminates my soul so that I may see

She is everything I always wanted

but couldn’t conceive that I could be

Towards newborn sun I move undaunted

Now I stand upon this soil and stone

Solid within the space I’ve longed to explore

In earthly guise I’ve become the known

yet, remember still the eternal I was before

With arms held up and open wide

I sing her praises across the sky

Gratitude fills me, in grace I do abide

For born from darkness and love was I

I bow




Fields of Green and Forest Splendor- A poem


The inspiration for this poem came from a phone conversation with a friend. She told me about a playground in her area that was being renovated. There was a small wooden castle that had deteriorated and was no longer safe for the kids to play in. The castle was torn down and they added more trees and a larger area of grass. She told me about the project, knowing I enjoy writing and thought it might somehow make a good story idea for me.

Right away I got the feeling it would make a suitable poem. I hope you agree.

Whenever I write about some thing or event I’ve witnessed, I always ask myself if there’s anything I can learn about myself from what I’m seeing. I’ve found it useful in making me a more observant person and at times gained wisdom from some otherwise trivial experiences.

I’ve come to the conclusion, normal events and those which transcend the mundane actually exist parallel with each other. The only thing that determines which world we live in, is how much we’re willing to uncover and acknowledge the depth of simple beauty moving just beneath the surface of our busy lives.

The castle keep I refer to is common to most European castles from the 11th and 12th century. It is the place of last defense, the inner-most sanctum and often held the kingdoms most important assets.

Fields of Green 1


Source: Photo by Brian Stansberry via acobox.com


The Fields of Green and Forest Splendor

 Lament not, demise of castle keep.

 Leave behind those walls of stone,

 even though, they’ve served so well.

There you hid from enemies.

 Lain cloaked from shadowy fears.

 Lost in the echo of your silence.

Yet, can you not hear the longing

 in the whispering of your soul?

 Has it been forsaken to survive?

Cast away those barriers and shackles.

 Walk upon the fields of green and forest splendor.

 Decree you kings and queens, one and all.

Lords and Ladies, of rank and standing.

 Walk upon the fields of green and forest splendor.

 Sing forth the dawning of everlasting life.

For the keep, respite that it was,

become the same as dungeon deep.

 And protected thee from what?

Lead us on, and still,

 but as children, laughing.

 Let the play unfold

Towers high, watched o’er your kingdom,

 but no longer serve, for kept were you,

 away from sunlit glade and mossy brook.

They too have gifts to share with you

 Walk upon the fields of green and forest splendor,

 Here, Springs promise blooms eternal.

The true kingdom is well within your reach.

 Walk upon the fields of green and forest splendor.

 And the walls? Let them fall, let them fall.

As mortar crumbles, stone will tumble.

 Let light stream in and out from you.

 Gaze this day upon the world anew

Stand as one, not servant nor master.

 Rise up with song and prose,

 in praise to life in joy and laughter

Lament not, demise of castle keep,

 for love can no longer be constrained,

 or held prisoner, in its former haven.

Fields of Green 2


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