Listed below are some fantastic, local Colorado authors who have helped me hack through the thick underbrush of adolescent writing so I can more clearly share the twists and turns within my writer brain.

For fans of some seriously twisted horror stories;

For those who enjoy intelligent sci-fi. stories;

For some really good Dark Urban Fantasy and psychological horror;

For Futuristic YA fantasy;

More good horror and fantasy;

The trailer for Kevin Ikenberry’s new novel. Looking forward to this.
Courtney Farrell, author's photo.

Courtney Farrell, author

Interested in reading and reviewing Stolen Eyes, the sequel to Bait? See what happens when Jackie tracks Bianca, the twisted, feminine AI, to her flesh-crafted pyramid. You might not want to read it at bedtime, especially if you’re home alone . . . Message me or post to this page if you want a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review

Amity Green re-released her Urban Fantasy ‘Scales’ and it looks awesome.

Tessa Conley isn’t ready to go back home to Austin when her summer course in London comes to an end. She gets her wish as she steps into a new world of urban fantasy and mystery when she is transformed into a living gargoyle, complete with…
Courtney Farrell shared a link.

My cover reveal is happening now, courtesy of Innovative Online Book Tours. Today Bait is hosted by The Avid Reader, at

And the buy link is finally live on Amazon!


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